Saturday, November 10, 2007

finally, some pictures!

Last weekend I finally dragged my camera out of its hibernation. I had been feeling like my pictures never really looked much different from pictures I've taken before, seeing as I spend time with the people I've been spending time with for years doing the same thing we've done for years. So I stopped taking pictures for a while and just enjoyed life. But I finally decided that you all might appreciate a few pictures, so I did my best! Here is a short documentation of the "wine and cheese party" that Kristin and Anna (they live together in a house near campus) hosted last weekend:

Me, Joanna, and Kristen L

Nicole and Anna

Dan and Mike

Joanna and Kristin O

Me and my roommate, Laura


Transplant said...

I like this post. Someday, when the years have passed, these sorts of pictures will be the most precious -- people doing the ordinary things of life.

the dad said...

Your mother is trying to get her comment in first so I must be quick.

Thanks for the pix!

the dad said...


Nanc said...

Your parents are hysterical. You must keep up the posts so we can all watch the competiton! Who will comment first???