Friday, September 7, 2007

Well, I have officially gotten settled in my new apartment and started my new job. (Pictures will be up soon!) And I thought it was just about time to update you on Life After the Summer After Graduation In Which I Pretended to Still Be A Student.

I'm living with two girls I lived with last year, Laura and Jeannette, and a girl I only recently met, Analisa. The apartment is really coming together! We are even having a housewarming party tonight, dubbed by Jeannette the "I don't want to grow up" party. I already really enjoy living with these girls--it is a special thing to share your living space with people who know you so well.

On Tuesday I started my year at the Bridge, and I already feel even more certain that I am where the Lord wants me to be. It is a wonderful thing to build relationships and get to know people and have that count as my JOB. It is new territory for me, though. It's been a long time since I've spent much time with middle-schoolers! Every day is a new learning experience. For instance, I met one girl on Tuesday, felt pretty certain that I hadn't made much of a connection with her, and the next day I ran into her at lunch and she talked my ear off, and now we have a friendship. I guess you don't always know what's going on in kids' minds!

September is looking to be a pretty light month--my two focus programs, Bridge to Excellence and Suspending Bridges, don't officially begin until October. So right now I go to lunches at the middle schools (both intimidating and crazy fun!) most days, go to meetings occasionally, and hang out at Drop-In on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My job is to get to know kids. I don't think I could have asked for a better job.

In other news, you all might be interested to know that Boatwerks closed. That's right, gone. Not out of business, just done. Apparently the owner had a beef with the City of Holland and made his point by shutting down the restaurant. There sure are some crazy people there!

Well, that'll do for now. I am in the process of documenting both Life and Job in photographs... you'll see them soon. :)


Transplant said...

Loved the update on Life After Graduation. I'm planning one for myself soon entitled Life When I'm Not at Work. This is, of course, a work of fiction.

Ellen B. said...

Laura, thanks for posting. I love to know what's going on in your life. And thanks for calling last week! I will call you soon! ~El

Nanc said...

I'm so glad you posted, Laura! I love to hear what you're doing, but I can especially relate to the, "Yes, I know I'm out of college, but I don't really want to grow up," mindset. What a blessing that you can take the time to do such meaningful work this year. I've lived with middle schoolers for quite some time. You are right. You never know quite what they're thinking. But they absolutely adore "cool" 20-somethings like you, so never doubt that you are making a difference. I will pray for you!

Transplant said...

so where is the marathon write up??? huh? I know the facts are out there, but how about the perspective of one who did not fully train?