Saturday, October 20, 2007

the marathon

So, a couple of weeks ago I ran a marathon.
I didn't plan on running a marathon.

The night I got back, I went over to Noah and Kristen's apartment for a short while. Kristen made me eggs (with onion and potato and cheese!) and toast, and they both sort of goggled at me for most of the time I was there. Later, Noah told me that he was writing a piece about my running the marathon. I suppose it was something that had continued to sit in their minds since I told them I had gone twice as far as I had intended.

He said that it reminds him of the body of Christ. Obviously, I was physically capable of doing it. But I never would have run 26.2 miles if I had not been surrounded by 45,000 other runners and millions of onlookers. Imagine what we're capable of doing for Christ, but can only do with the support of the rest of the Body. Interesting, isn't it?

Anyway, this is my favorite photo from the marathon, lifted with gratitude from my mother's blog:


Transplant said...

Very nice!!!! Now I would like to see what Noah wrote too.

Demanding, aren't I?

The Dad said...

MY favorite photo too!!!

You marathoner you!

Love ya!