Thursday, February 7, 2008

been a while

I expect to start posting regularly again... :)

I was thinking about the Circ today, and realized that it has been dead (or sleeping?) for a long time now. I thought, "That's a real shame," and considered reviving it. And then I realized that the Circ did not just die--it died and became something else, like seeds do. It is the Blogs now! So now this is my humble effort to remain connected to my family despite the death of the Circ.

Today we have a snow day, so I went in to work for about an hour and a half, stopped by home for lunch, and have been at Lemonjello's pretty much ever since. I think I'm probably one of the people most hated by the employees here because I walk in with my big bag of stuff, spend a dollar or two, and then spend hours on end taking up a whole table near a plug. Today I am working on my admissions essays and some writing for AmeriCorps. Sometimes I complain to my friends about how much work it is to apply to grad school, but in reality I'm glad for the work. I'm glad to have a reason to write and think critically again.

And here's the Picture of the Day, taken last May:

Ahh summer... Does anyone miss the SUN as much as I do?? :)


Transplant said...

Yes! The Circ does indeed live!

I guess I miss the sun too. But it's always dark when I go to work, and more often than not, blimey if it isn't dark when I come home again! so maybe the sun was out all day and I just never knew it.

EB said...

Yes, the Circ yet lives! You are right in that it has morphed into something a bit different... the same thing that fueled the Original Circ provides the impetus for blogging... yet at the same time, I don't feel as though blogging is quite the same as Circ-ing, somehow. You miss some of the every day, I think. I used to write Circ emails about stuff that was too ordinary to blog about. I miss having that window into our everyday worlds.

Maybe that means I should blog about more stuff than I do! Like today, when Carolyn and Brad and I had a rousing good time around the dinner table as Carolyn begins to use two-word sentences. One of the first of these is "Mommy Off! Daddy Off" She wanted us off the chairs so she could climb on them! Just a small little happening, but it brought joy to my day. :)

I love you Laura!

Ellen B. said...

Oh, I'm so glad that you're going to blog again. I miss you more than I miss the sun!

BTW, what's the Circ???

Michelle said...

does this mean i'm goin to have to be a more regular blogger now too? look at you over there, raising the bar! hah! i am glad to see your picture of sunny days- one almost forgets that those days will be back eventually...

*not of this world* said...

I am so sorry for you people who don't see the sun. It was a 70 degree blue-sky day here yesterday! So why DID we ever leave Texas???

Nanc said...

I remember a bit about "Circ-ing" but no real details. Someone must blog about what that was!