Friday, April 25, 2008

and more

I recently found out that I am accepted to every school I applied to! Pretty cool.

Now I need to really decide whether or not I want to go to Michigan or Michigan State! The other day I was talking about it with my friend Mike, and after we discussed pros and cons for a while, I asked him where he thought I'd end up. He told me that he is 100% positive that I'll go to Michigan State, despite my uncertainty! Anyone else have bets? :)

Anyway, I'm still working through it. I think it would be amazing to go to Michigan's program, but it will probably end up costing me about twice as much. And it would also be pretty sweet to be in the same town as Jon (if I go to MSU), although I have yet to figure out how much that should be affecting my decision!

Anyone have any thoughts?


EB said...

congrats on being accepted so completely! :) now of course is the big Decision. :) no one's offered you $100,000 to go one place or the other, right? :)

if we're looking for bets, i'm voting for msu. but MI would be pretty awesome too.

but i'll be praying for you to discern God's will for your life- financially, relationally, career-wise.
much love,

ps: if you and jb are really serious about each other (and from the look on his face when he looks at you, it sure seems like it), it only makes sense to let that be a factor in your decision and you shouldn't feel like it's wrong to work that into the thought process. it might not be the only thing to consider, but it is definitely an important something. no matter who you end up marrying, that person will factor into your decisions about everything you do for the rest of your life because that's what it means to be on a team!

Ellen B. said...

I'm so excited that you got into Michigan!!! Of course it doesn't make the decision of where to go any easier but it does open up the options!

I agree with EB if we're taking bets. I think that you'll end up at MSU. I guess that makes the count three for three.

You have such a strong head on you and your heart is totally the Lord's, you will make the right decision, no matter what people's bets are.

I'll be praying for you, Love!

Transplant said...

Of course we are just a bit (beyond) excited for you! What a choice!

Not that I know much of anything about schools. . . but I'm casting my (secret) vote for MSU as well.

And for goodness sakes, looking at your sister's comment, it's almost scary how much she's starting to sound like her mother!!! Ditto to all of it.

EB said...

i'm pretty sure i could never be as wise as our Mother. :)

T.D. said...

What they said.

So what kind of computer does Jon have anyway?