Monday, March 24, 2008

graduate school

So, I thought you all should know... Michigan State accepted me into their MSW program!

Now the problem is that they want a decision from me by April 3, and I have yet to hear from U of M. What should I do?

Anyway, all to say... please pray for me as I try to discern where God wants me next year!

Thanks. :)


The Dad said...

Congrats LG!!! How exciting! and what a great (though perhaps painful) dilemma to have!

Hopefully U of M will get their act together quickly. If you need me to call them and get them moving just let me know.

Praying for you!

Love you!!!

T.D. (and T.M. too, except she isn't awake yet)

Transplant said...

Woo hoo! Grad school!!!

What to do, what to do. . .

Keep us posted!

Michelle said...

woo hoo for grad school, and woo hoo for updating the blog ;)
love you sister

Nanc said...

Congratulations, sweet girl! I will pray for clarity and peace about this decision. And I will look forward to seeing you next week and hearing about how God has led you! Love, Aunt Nanc

EB said...

congratulations! will certainly pray for wisdom for you! what an awesome opportunity!! :)