Saturday, January 27, 2007


According to what seems like a long-standing Hope College tradition (candles are strictly prohibited in on-campus residences), I blew out colored toothpicks in the shape of a 22 for my birthday. Here's me, Mike, the birthday cake Val made for us, and the jeans & socks of some of our dearest friends:

And maybe I'll have more pictures for you later :) It's been a dry season of photo-taking for me... but I do have a few more.


Transplant said...

Happy Birthday to us!!!

I also had a chocolate birthday cake last night, that Chris felt compelled to make! Was yours also chocolate on the inside? Mine did not have toothpicks, but had 4 candles (was that how many she had?)

Jordan & Jeff & Megan from Calvin (who knows Natalie) were also there. It was a fun birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura.

Uncle Dave

tokyo nik said...

I see the Japanese tradition of birthday toothpicks has made it to Michigan. It warms the cockles of my heart to see how our eastern ways are infiltrating the west.

In return, I'm interested in this American tradition of picturing the jeans and socks of close friends.

Is that because you can identify them by jeans and socks?

I guess am missing something in the translation, because while do remove our shoes in the house, we never pose our feet for pictures but in fact actually consider them unsightly.

The feet in your pictures, however, are quite attractive, and if I could ever get my socks so clean and so well-pressed with the creases running so straight up the middle of the foot, I might be convinced to feature them a a photo too.

First, I must understand the ramifications of the tradition. Please to inform in another post from you.

Anyway, thank you so much, and if I may, let me give you birthday greetings as well.

Tokyo Nik

childy said...

at least the toothpicks are cheaper.

Happy Birthday Laura! I hope it was great!

childy said...


the blog monitor said...

So glad to see childy rediscovered the blog world. I'll next check to see if she has updated her own.