Sunday, January 7, 2007

Worthless Post #1

Do you ever find that the longer you neglect something, the higher your expectations get for your first return to it? You don’t clean your bathroom for a few weeks, for instance, you know it’s really not worth doing at all until you have time to get all the soap scum up. You ask for an extension on a paper, that paper better be more eloquent and well-worded—practically publishable, really—than it would have been had you turned it in on time. You don’t have time to read a novel for six months, so you know you must deliberate for weeks over which one to pick for your time off over Christmas break. And it’s even worse with habits you are still only trying to form. For instance, if you start a blog, post enthusiastically for a couple of days, and then find your inner store of words (or photos, as it were) totally dried up, you better have something really witty and original to post when you return, something so profound that you clearly had been pondering it for your full four-day absence, struggling over each word, sweating out draft after draft.

After all, who really wants to read what I’ve written about how little I have to write about? [You do. I know you do.]

If only to ward off the certain Rise of Expectations were I to post nothing, and in anticipation of many more Worthless Posts to come, I remain yours,

if-you-can’t-do-things-well-at-least-do-them-Halfway in Hudsonville


Transplant said...

I do understand! But I would recommend letting it go. Blogging is only fun if it doesn't become Work or a chore. Everyone blogs a little differently, and as near as I can tell, it can't be done wrong.

I have turned into a rather compulsive blog reader, but I hardly ever comment. It doens't mean it wasn't interesting or anything. Only that I had nothing to say!

So post at will! It doesn't have to be daily, though you can be sure I will check it that often! You will develop your own flavor. Borrow from others! Pictures and quotes. Other blogs or things that you see and hear in your day. I love reading it!

EB said...

love comments about nothing

Michelle said...

i love your posts, regardless of the frequency :)

Brad said...
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Brad said...

There's got to be a whole lot more of nothing happening this week... What about that promise for "many more worthless posts to come", even if that was what you were trying to avoid, by posting a worthless post... you have only succeeded in creating the expectations of endless insights into nothing that many blogs seem to efficiently achieve. When all else fails, Sun events are a nice distraction... way to feed the blog addiction of the country laura, keep it up.

Laura said...

many apologies, birv. :) more insights into nothing may very well be on their way, though i would certainly hesitate to say they will be endless.

say, you have a blog account now! where's YOUR blog? :)

Brad said...

Okay so the post was on Jan 7.... some more of nothing must have happened in the 17 days since the post. Come on laura! Your Sheboygan roots are so disapointed.