Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday Weekend

I have been a rather lousy photographer lately, but I did take a few this weekend!

This is me and Tami when we went out to Van Raalte to go sledding. Unfortunately, I don't have any actual sledding pictures! It was a good, fun, icy time!

And here's me and Mike with our first birthday cake. We ate the other one on Saturday, but I don't have pictures of it. Both were delicious.

My dear roommate Jeannette and I. And Laura Peterson peeking up behind us.

Me and Laura Peterson at the beach for sunset. I saw the clear sky and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try to catch a beautiful Holland sunset over Lake Michigan, so we went!

And this was about as colorful as the sunset got. Still kind of cool though, right? :)

The Sunset Watchers Who Braved the Cold: Laura Peterson, Jon, Lindy, and me.

Hope you all enjoyed them! See, I'm not a totally hopeless blogger :)


tokyo nik said...


Lake Michigan?

I have seen posts and comments on other blog sites that raise questions about these claims.

How can I, a foreigner in a foreign land tell the difference between a claim I can take literally at face value, and a claim made focusing on background implying something different that what is implied by foreground.

Who can school me in these things.


Tokyo Nik

michelle said...

you are not hopeless at all! glad to see you are having lots of good cold fun over there!