Monday, January 1, 2007

First Post

An (almost) shameless admission: I love writing dates. There’s some doodle-drawing, routine-loving part of my mind that delights in being able to write a new set of numbers each day, particularly at the change of a month or a year. Farewell, 2-0-0-6. This is the year to perfect my artistry of the seven. You might point out that when typing in a Word document or posting to Blogger I don’t actually get to write the new date. And you would be right. But, after all, it is only a silly, mundane source of pleasure, kind of like getting to open a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios moments after putting the last box of Honey Nut Cheerios into the recycling bin. It’s only delightful if I’m willing to welcome (and admit that I welcome) meaning from the commonest, most-used things we know. And there are always more of those.

Anyway, this is my blog. After months of watching my mother, my sister, uncle, aunt, cousin, etc. etc. each in this way find his or her own personal little shelf of the Internet, I’ve decided to join them. (I’m tempted also to note how many times said family members have pestered me to do so, but of course I won’t! And even if I did, it would obviously be in all good, wholesome fun. :-P) I hope that you will all enjoy it, and that it will simply be some small public record of my more thoughtful observances of the world.

This, what you are reading right now, is the anticipated, telling, and intimidating First Post. My Entrance to the “blogosphere.” And so far I’m really quite enjoying myself! But to those two or three already-devoted readers, let me caution you to not expect too much. This is an Experiment. And, as with all experiments, we just really don't know what the different variables (like School, Friends, Work, Unforeseen Circumstances) will do to it.

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EB said...

LOVE IT! You're a great writer, Laura- I'm looking forward to listening to your musings on the world. :)

I will soon add you to my list of "links," just as soon as I figure out how to do it. :)